We are sad to report that CamRedeem is shutting down indefinitely for public use. We suffered a catastrophic hardware failure that resulted in the loss of all uploaded files as well as our database. Despite having spent dozens of hours over the past week trying to recover the data we have had no success. Given that we weren't charging, we were unable to afford to maintain backups of the 3TB of model file data in addition to our hosting costs.

We could relaunch the site right now, let everyone sign back up, re-upload their files, and start over. However, we don't want to put ourselves, and more importantly, our users back at the same risk we were at before (lots of data without true backups). With that in mind, we have decided to shut down the public facing website, and work on finishing it behind closed doors. We hope to relaunch in a month or two with a 100% finished website. All users from the beta period will be given an extended free trial of the new site.

We hope to be back soon and better than ever.

Our deepest apologies,

The CamRedeem Staff